Tabin Wildlife Reserve


Tabin Wildlife Reserve was gazetted in 1984 under the Forest Enactment, 1968 and classified as a Class VII Forest Reserve. The reserve has an area of ​​120.521 hectares and is a protected area which is the largest in the state of Sabah. This reserve is a Tropical Rainforest that is rich with biodiversity. The existence of Tabin Wildlife Reserve is part of the State Government's efforts to protect and preserve wildlife, especially large mammals such as the Sumatran Rhinoceros. Among other objectives, Tabin Wildlife Reserve is created to ensure high quality protection for highly endangered species such as the Sumatran Rhino.


Apart from the Wildlife Department running  programs about conservation of wildlife , there are two other programs or projects being undertaken by the department in collaboration with NGOs in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve which is the " Orangutan Post - Release Monitoring " carried out by the UK Appeal and Borneo Rhino Sanctuary ( BRS ) conducted by the BORA (Borneo Rhino Alliance).

Tourist Attraction

  • The existence of “Gunung Berapi Lumpur” (GBL), which was formed from the reaction of volcanic gases to the layer mud and rocks in the earth which in result created smaller fragments and then it pushes the mud and debris to the surface of the earth through soil cracks. There are four (4) GBL in Tabin Reserve. GBL Lipad is the closest to Tabin Wildlife Office. GBL Lipad has a size of 150 in diameter and is the second largest after GBL Tabin which measures 283 meters in diameter. GBL Lipad is still active and started to blow up mud explosion since 1996 which in results making GBL Lipad to grow and rise.
  • Bathing Volcano’s mud is an activity that tourist often do when visiting to GBL Lipad. It is believed that the volcanic mud can soften the skin.
  • Wildlife Observation Activities can be carried at night by using vehicles or on foot.
  • Bird Watching activity is one of the activities that can be conducted here early in the morning (because birds are a lot more active in the morning).


Tabin Wildlife Resort which is managed by Tabin Wildlife Holiday provides facilities for tourists such as accommodations, food and beverages, tour guides and transportations.


Tabin Wildlife Reserve can be reached by using the Jalan Tungku road from Lahad Datu Town. The  Tabin Wildlife Reserve office can be reached by phone using this number 0198806113 or by mailing to this address (No.8125, Lot 1, Block 10, Singah Point, P.O Box 61224, 91121 Lahad Datu.


Various types of research has been and still conducted by local and foreign researchers. Researchers, especially local researchers are welcomed to do their research here.

Nature Education

Tabin Wildlife Department welcomes all agencies that wish to conduct educational programs in Tabin Wildlife Reserve. There are a lot of facilities provided for students such as dormitory with a capacity of 40 people, learning centre, trails and recreational facilities such as waterfalls and so on.

Entrance Fee

There is currently no fee charged by the Sabah Wildlife Department. Nevertheless, tourist who comes to this forest reserve must be through the tour packages which is prepared by Tabin Wildlife Holiday.