Sabah Wild Life Department Crest

Two Circles

Represents the importance of the various ecosystems needed to be protected and to ensure there will be no extinctions of habitats and wildlife species.

The Yellow Colour

Symbolizing loyalty, strong commitments and faith in achieving the department’s visions and missions in line with the department’s objectives and functions to prevent the extinctions of wildlife’s in Sabah.

The Blue Colour

Symbolizing the safety and harmony of all wildlife’s species in their natural habitat(by reducing human and wildlife conflicts). Promote sustainable and continual use of wildlife based on the Wildlife Conservation Act provisions.


The main symbol that portrays one of the animal species that are fully protected under the Wildlife Conservation 1997 Enactment. Orang-utan is a unique species because they are an endemic species of Borneo and Sumatra.

The Green coloured wording

Symbolizes the importance of maintaining the environmental balance and natural forests as the habitat of wildlife by establishing more network of protected areas in Sabah.