Lower Segama Conservation Area


Lower Segama Conservation Area (KKHS) is a ​​"terrestrial" area that is first to be gazetted as conservation areas under Section 21 of the Wildlife Conservation Enactment (1997). Lower Segama areas have been identified as one of the first of several areas in Sabah that have the potential to be used as protected areas under the Sabah Biodiversity Conservation Project. The areas have a strategic position which can form wilderness wildlife corridor between north of Kulamba Wildlife Reserve and in the southern part of Tabin. Lower Segama Conservation Area has an area of ​​2,163 hectares and covers an area of ​​226 acres of river reserve. This brings the total area of  ​​the Lower Segama Conservation to ​​2,389 hectares. In 2010, an administrative centre has been built to monitor and maintain the area. The center is also expected to become the focus for researchers who are interested in studying the ecology of wildlife found in the area.

Socio Economic

This region is the source of income for the people in three villages, namely Kg. Tidong Lama , Kg. Tidong Baru and Kg. Dagat all of which are located adjacent to the conservation area. People in these three villages consist of a majority of Tidong tribe which conduct fishing activities as a source of income, particularly during the shrimp season.

Tourism Attractions

Tourism activity is still at an early stage where tourists are focused on eco - tourism and community-based. The main attraction of this area is the richness of wildlife because this area has equal chance with Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary to encounter wildlife. Proboscis monkey species (Nasalis larvatus ) is a species that must be viewed in the evening alongside a river and sometimes elephants can also be seen in this area . In addition, tourists who visit the Homestay at Kampung Dagat can eperience the way of life of the people in this area (Tidung tribe) which is close to nature attract tourists from all over the world.


This area can be reached by road and by sea / river. From Lahad Datu town, it will take approximately 3 hours to reach here by road while by sea will take a longer time (8 hours) from Sandakan town. This area does not have public transportation. All visitors need to hire vehicles from Sandakan Town or Lahad Datu.  The Administration Center complex is equipped with an office building, staff’s house, laboratory, dormitory and a 600 meters “Board walk".

Entrance Fee

There is no fee charged to visitors who come here (Lower Segama Conservation Area). Nevertheless, visitors need to have permission from Sabah Wildlife Department in order to use the facilities provided.