Licensing & Permit

The Sabah Wildlife Department are responsible in managing and issuing 5 types of license, 12 Permits and 4 certificates in ensuring the use of wildlife resources in Sabah are lasting.

Types of License

  1. Commercial Hunting License
  2. Sports Hunting License
  3. Village’s Animal License
  4. Collector's Plant Harvesting License
  5. Commercial Harvesting License

Types of Permits

  1.  Animal Confinement Permit
  2. Animal Merchant Permit
  3. Poached Animal’s Meat Merchant Permit
  4. Plants Merchant Permit
  5. Selling of Temporary/Transfers of Plants Permit
  6. Transfer of animals and others (outside of Sabah) Permit
  7. Importing animals and others (into Sabah) Permit
  8. Wildlife Operator’s Permit
  9. Animal Breeding Permit
  10. Planting Permit
  11. Zoological Park Permit
  12. Botanical Park Permit

Types of Certificates

  1. Ownership Rights Certificates
  2. Origin Certificates
  3. Breeding of Confined Animals Certificates
  4. Artificial Breeding Certificates