BORA (Borneo Rhino Alliance)

Borneo Rhino Alliance or its abbreviation BORA is a local non-governmental organization based in Sabah. BORA was formerly known as SOS Rhino and then SOS Rhino Borneo. BORA hold role to the efforts of monitoring and supervising the Sumatran Rhino population in Tabin Wildlife Reserve which are critically decreasing.

Since year 2000 through SOS Rhino (which is a NGO based in the United States), has been actively assisting the Wildlife Department to safeguards the Sumatran Rhino in Tabin. SOS Rhino is then registered in the State under the name SOS Rhino Borneo (SOSRB) as NGO whose role is to run the safeguards rhinos in Tabin Reserve through border patrols, monitoring and creating good relationships with local communities around the Tabin Reserve.

After a few years conducting these activities, SOSRB have basic information on threats and distribution of Sumatran rhinos in Tabin Reserve. Since January 2009, SOSRB BORA has been replaced with a more controlling role which is to assist the department’s daily management of Borneo Rhino Sanctuary (BRS) in Tabin Wildlife Reserve. The collaboration between departments and BORA which manages BRS allows the government, the private sector, NGOs and other organizations to share the responsibilities to save the Sumatran Rhino species from being extinct.